Judging Criteria
The competition standard has been further raised to test participants' analytical skills based on technical and fundamentals parameters. This year we are introducing a new judging criterion for the finalist teams at the Grand Finale that is the Use of Predictive Analytics Tools. This is to encourage participants to apply predictive analytics to forecast share price movements and predict stock market performances based on historical data and global events.

At the Grand Finale, each team has a maximum of 10 minutes to present your strategy to a panel of judges. This is then followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. The team with the highest total score will be crowned the Regional Champion of the CIMB ASEAN Stock Challenge 2017!

Judging Criteria Description Percentage
Returns on Investment at the End of the Game
  • Represents the highest returns on investment during the game period.
  • Score is calculated based on the highest % returns of the team's cash on hand and market value of shares in portfolio, from the team's initial capital.
  • Method of calculation: [(cash on hand + market value of shares in portfolio at the end of game)/cash at the beginning of the game]

Post-Game Portfolio Performance
  • Each team's portfolio will be captured at the end of game and their portfolio performance will be reviewed again prior to the Grand Finale. This is to assess team's long term investment strategy.
  • Score will be based on the highest % returns on the last trading day before the Grand Finale made by each team in relation to other finalists.
  • Method of calculation: [(cash on hand + market value of shares in portfolio on the last trading day before the Grand Finale)/cash at the begining of game]

On-the-Spot Investment Decision
  • Teams will be given five stocks complete with historical data and will have to pick one stock that has made the most gain.
  • Team that selects stock with most gain gets the highest score.
  • Aim to test team's ability to select stock using information provided.
  • Team must explain their decision and will be assessed based on their ability to justify the chosen stock.

Presentation of Strategy Paper
  • Set and make clear objectives
  • Demonstrate clear basis for their stock selection ie. market (country), sector, company, current /historical data, market news, economic/political factors etc. Show methodical selection and backed by facts
  • Display use of technical and fundamental analysis
  • Discipline approach to trading
  • Use of stop-loss
  • Application of back-testing
  • Clarity of speech, level of confidence and teamwork

Use of Predictive Analytics tools
  • Predictive Analytics comprises of knowledge extraction, analytics and visualisation on price and market trends.
  • Use of statistics and modelling to determine future stock market performance based on current and historical data.

Question & Answer
  • Ability to provide answers and examples that reflect a clear and conclusive understanding to questions posed by the panel of judges.


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