Judging Criteria
The competition will test participants' analytical skills based on technical and fundamentals parameters. Participants are also encouraged to apply predictive analytics to forecast share price movements and predict stock market performances based on historical data and global events.

There will be 2 rounds of judging criteria and at the Grand Final, each team has a maximum of 10 minutes to present your strategy to a panel of judges. This is then followed by a 10-minute Q&A session. The team with the highest total score will be crowned the Regional Champion of the BCMA Investment Challenge 2.0!

Judging Criteria - Round 1
Round 1
For All Teams
3 Criteria Max Score
  1. Ability to generate positive absolute return (based on NAV at end of challenge).

  1. Ability to outbid competitors in terms of generating higher returns
(see table 1)

  1. Ability to diversify :
  • Each portfolio must have at least 10 Securities at any point in time.
  • Each security must not account for more than 10% of portfolio.

Participants are require to keep track ?of their own diversification and to submit a report showing their holdings at the end of each week with their top 10 holdings as part of their Investment Strategy.


Table 1 for Judging Criteria - Round 1
Criteria 2 : Breakdown
Position Scoring
Top 40%

Second 35%

Third 30%

Fourth 25%

Fifth 20%

Sixth 15%

Seventh 10%

Eighth 5%

Ninth 5%

Tenth 5%

Judging Criteria – Round 2 & Grand Final

The top 10 teams which have achieved the highest rates of returns on the initial USD100,000 capital invested at the end of the three-week trading period on 22 October. They are then to submit their investment strategy via on online by 28 October.

The last part of the challenge will see the announcement of the top 5 teams on 10 November and they are to present their investment strategy paper with Q&A session to the judging panel around the week of November 19th.

Round 2
Top 10 Teams
Investment Strategy
(max score 20%)
The investment strategy paper will be comprised of 6 short answer questions touching on the areas below. This will be submitted via an online form. The link will be provided to the top 10 teams.

  1. Risk Attribute
  • Share understanding on risk of investing in equity markets and methods used to manage risk.
  • Each security must not account for more than 10% of portfolio.
  1. Return Attributes
  • Describe return objectives e.g. target return & how strategy achieved those targets
  1. Risk Diversification – submission of report from Round 1
  1. Strategy Rationale
  • Describe strategy (e.g. industry focus/geographic focus/large cap vs. small cap) and rationale.
  • Method of Analysis Adopted.
  • Fundamental or technical analysis or both.
  • Re-allocation.
  • Reason for re-allocation during the competition of at least 5 securities.

Grand Final
Top 5 Teams
Presentation to Judging Panel
(max score 10%)
Presentation of investment strategy paper to the judging panel.




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