Challenge Overview
Introducing BCMA Investment Challenge 2018 competition (BCMA IC 2.0).
The BCMA IC 2.0 is a regional stock trading competition that offers real -time trading experience across 3 major stock exchanges - Bursa Malaysia (Bursa), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) and Singapore Exchange (SGX). This competition is open to 17-25 year old, post secondary, diploma, undergraduate and post graduate, undergraduate students in Brunei Darussalam only.

The Challenge is available via a virtual trading platform where you get to compete in the following activities:
  • Buying and selling of securities on three major stock exchanges in the region.
  • Monitoring status of orders - matched; unmatched; cancelled; pending; expired; revised; rejected.
  • It is a cost and risk-free competition as you will be given a virtual capital of US$100,000 to invest.

Competition Structure
Teams will compete to make the most profit during the trading period from 1 Oct 2018 to 19 Oct 2018. Within this three-week trading period, your knowledge and skills in strategic planning will be put to the test. Your team will have to make decisions to buy and sell shares, thus encouraging the application of knowledge on real market information. .

The top 5 teams based on investment returns will be presenting to panel of judges to win the Grand Prize.

* Percentage Gain refers to the percentage returns on investment made by the team from their stock transactions during the 3 week game period that includes Cash on Hand and Market Value of Shares in Portfolio.

Grand Finale:At the finals, the top 5 teams will present their trading strategies applied throughout the competition period to a distinguished panel of judges.


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