Challenge Timeline
A superb game plan is what separates the winner from the rest. Use the following information to plan your strategy.
STAGE 1 Registration
  • Registration and trial period starts on 20 September 2018 and ends on 28 September 2018.
STAGE 2 Trial Trading
  • Once registration is completed and confirmed, a system-generated notification will be emailed to each team member with their individual preferred login IDs and passwords.
  • Team members can log in with their own login ID and password to perform a trial run starting from 20 September 2018 to 28 September 2018.
  • Only the team leader will have the rights to execute trades on behalf of the team. The remaining members will be granted view-only access rights.
  • All startup capital will be reset on 1 October 2018.
STAGE 3 The Challenge Begins
  • Duration of trading competition: 1 Oct 2018 to 19 Oct 2018..
  • Participants are given 3 weeks to trade in the stock markets.
  • Participants can only trade on weekdays from Monday to Friday during the trading hours.
STAGE 4 Announcements of Winners
  • The top 10 teams will be announced on 22 Oct 2018 and will be required to submit their trading strategy paper by 28 Oct 2018 11:59pm.
  • The top 5 teams selected from the initial 10 teams announced 10 November 2018 whereby they are to prepare for a presentation of their strategy papre with a Q&A session to judging panel around the week of 19 November. The result and prize giving presentation will be on 6 December 2018.
  • The top 5 teams will receive B$1,000, B$600, B$400, B$300 and B$200 respectively. The 1st Prize winner will also be offered internship opportunities with a member of BCMA. (subject to meeting respective internship criteria).
STAGE 5 Prize Presentation
  • Date: 6 December 2018 (Thursday)
  • Venue: Brunei.(exact venue will be advised as the date nears)


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