Challenge Rules
  1. All teams will receive a virtual startup capital of US$100,000.
  2. Only the Team Leader is given the access rights to execute trades on behalf of the team. The remaining members will be granted view-only access rights. An error message - "order submission not allowed" will appear if you try to execute a trade.
  3. Teams can only place orders during the trading hours of the various ASEAN exchanges.
Exchanges Trading Hours (UTC/GMT + 8)
SGX 9:00am - 5:00pm
Bursa Malaysia 9:00am - 12:30pm, 2:30pm - 5:00pm
HKEx 9:30am - 4:00pm
  1. All foreign currency exchange will happen at the fixed rates below.
    • 1.37 SGD (Singapore Dollar) to US$1
    • 4.16 RM (Malaysia Ringgit) to US$1
    • 7.84 HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) to US$1
  1. Trading is executed real-time and will only be fulfilled against orders in the underlying market. (i.e. trades fulfilled in a day will not be able to exceed the total volume traded in the market)
  2. Teams' credit balance will be offset against a BUY order. Balances from UNMATCHED orders will be re-credited to the team account.
  3. Any credit due for SELL orders will only be re-credited immediately to the team's account when the order is MATCHED.
  4. All orders shall be considered as LIMIT orders and are GOOD FOR DAY. At the end of the day, all unmatched orders will expire.
  5. Teams may only cancel/revise the quantity of the purchase if the orders have not been matched.
  6. No odd lots may be traded.
  7. No short selling is allowed.
  8. Each trade will incur trading fees as follows :
    All % figures are based on gross value unless otherwise stated.
Exchange Commission Exchange fees
SGX 0.275% (minimum of S$25) Clearing fee: 0.0325%
SGX Access fee : 0.0075%
7% GST on commission, clearing fees & SGX trading fees)
Bursa 0.5% (minimum of RM60) 0.03% (maximum of RM1,000) Stamp duty of 0.1% (maximum of RM200)
6% GST on commission and clearing fees
HKEx 0.25% (min commission of HKD50) Trading fee: 0.005% + Trading levy: 0.0027%
Stamp duty: 0.1%
  1. Only products listed in the native currency of the exchange are available for trade (i.e. Singapore Dollar denominated products on the SGX, Malaysia Ringgit denominated products on Bursa and Hong Kong Dollar denominated products on HKEx).
  2. Warrants, Dividend, Bonus and Stock Split (Any Corporate Action) will not be part of the Challenge.
  3. The only language of use will be English
  4. Participating teams are required to have a minimum of one trade.
  5. Participants shall trade on the mainboards with no restrictions on foreign investor ownership as applied by each individual's country and exchange regulations.
  6. Participants are encouraged to use data mining techniques to forecast the financial stock market when trading.
  7. Trades will be accepted only via the following trading platforms:
    1. Desktop trading platform -


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